Fire Pits


The Luxury of a Fire Pit

If you enjoy sitting around your fireplace or fire pit during cold months and enjoying the heat, how mobile is the fireplace if you want to go to another room? Imagine having the flexibility to move that fireplace with you anywhere you went. Our fire pits are essentially a modern version of a mobile outdoor fireplace!

Want to sit down around an outdoor fire without building it directly on your grass? Don’t want to struggle to build the proper size bonfire that it would take to effectively keep you and your friends warm? Have no worries, fire pits are an immediate solution from your struggles.

Fire pits have become very popular on patios, porches, and backyards, as more and more people enjoy the warmth that a fire provides while hanging around outside. Enjoy the crackling sound and immense heat that only an authentic fire can give you? A fire pit is your perfect solution!

Tavoli specialises in CUSTOM designed fire pits we will design and create a Fire Pit to suit your area, our fire pits are available in a matt black finish or a unique “rust” finish The possibilities are endless.