Why settle for an ordinary entry door when you can have a door that makes a statement. Tavoli Designs together with FREMANTLE Doors and Windows specialise in the design and manufacture of wrought iron doors, wrought iron grills and custom build door furniture like door handles /pulls.

A Tavoli Designs wrought iron door has all the characteristics a high end home requires. We specialise in one off custom build doors

Tavoli Designs have a way of catching your attention and inspiring pride of ownership. Our wrought Iron entry doors provide beauty, style, elegance, and security all in one without having a traditional security door. Our top quality iron doors have dual pane hinged glass panels which allow you all the security benefits that are provided by the ornate scrolled designs each time you answer the door.

When you compare Tavoli’s wrought iron doors to others in the industry you’ll see why there’s no comparison. Our entry doors provide a lasting elegance that continues to lend curb appeal to each distinctive homeowner for many years to come.