Wrought Iron Outdoor Mirrors

Wrought Iron Outdoor Mirror

You’re building, renovating or decorating your home to make it an extraordinary home, when it is time for choosing outdoor style, it goes without saying that you do not like to go for something ordinary to compromise your look!

Outdoor mirrors always look fabulous! They are stunning pieces of style that give that sensational and elegant look to any spaces, large and small.

We just finished another Wrought Iron Outdoor Mirror with following specifications:

■ Hinged wrought iron feature for ease of cleaning
■ Fully weather proof.
■ Hot dipped galvanized
■ Finished in antique bronze
■ 6 mm antique bronze mirror that is vinyl backed

Tavoli Designs offer the best styles of wrought iron outdoor mirrors totally custom built if you like to welcome one of them to your home. There are many styles on display and they are all original. Get in touch with our team and we will be happy to design, build and install any sort of wrought iron outdoor product for you.

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