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THE anvil at Tavoli Designs in O’Connor is owner Allen Buchardt’s pride and joy.

The massive iron block was forged in 1882, weighs a whopping 313 kg, and would be the envy of many a blacksmith — a fact not lost on Mr Buchardt, artisan smith and founder of the business.

Mr Buchardt fires up his gas-forge and warns; “it’s going to get really hot in here.” He’s right; the workshop is soon swelteringly hot and filled with a cacophony of clanging, just as you’d expect when hot metal is being wrought into elegant shapes.

Mr Buchardt claims he can make anything, which might be considered boastful until you see the showroom on the floor above the workshop. It showcases designs combining an expertise in carpentry, blacksmithing, stone-work, and glass-artistry.

Tavoli uses the usual wood and metal, but adds fused glass, mother of pearl, marble, and even 24-carat gold to create “something unique which customers can’t find anywhere else.” Customised fire pits, water features and wrought iron balustrades are among the items on display, as well as ceramic and glass work done by Mr Buchardt’s wife Jeannie.

Their style is varied, ranging from heavy pieces of rusted metal, to delicate sculptures of leaves and flowers which might adorn a railing.

Mr Buchardt says he enjoys collaborating with customers to help achieve their vision, and doesn’t mind guiding anyone needing a bit of direction.

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